Decorating 101: Spicing Up Your Bedroom

By John Voket

Does your bedroom lack excitement?

When it comes to spicing up how your bedroom looks, the folks at Ballard Designs know a lot about turning a plain old bedroom into a space bursting with visual excitement. Consider these aspects:

Color - Since your bedroom is a place for repose, choose three colors that work well together and stick to the “60-30-10 color principle” - 60 percent dominant color, 30 percent secondary color and 10 percent accent color. For your dominant color, think soothing neutrals - a lighter or softer shade of a color whether it’s sand, green, gray or blue - that has a touch of earth tone in it.

Not in the mood to paint? Add color with bedding, wall décor and other accents.

Use bedding to highlight your secondary color with lighter or darker shades and varying textures of fabric, or limit the palette to two contrasting patterns and a solid in sheets, duvet and shams. Reserve bold hues and playful patterns for accent pillows, a bedside throw rug, artwork, vases and lampshades that support primary and secondary colors.

And don’t forget layering - a key decorating practice that creates the perfect combination of comfort, warmth and texture. You’ll find that most bedroom decorating ideas are in some way related to creating layers around the room.

Ballard Designs recommends considering these four features of your bedroom when layering: